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Shipping Policy for Rcom incubators, brooders and related Products

Rcom Company’s customers who purchased rcom incubator, brooders and

parts from other than this website, please contact the place of purchase for

your inquiries. 

Damage: In case of damages, Please make damage claims directly to the carrier for merchandise shipped by a common carrier.  Shipping Method: We ship FedEx 4-7 business days within the USA. Other countries if we ship to, we usually ship by Express Mail Services (EMS). At times and to certain destinations, we may ship by UPS . We also use FedEx 3 to 5 business days in certain cases and within certain countries like when shipping from the USA warehouse. We also may use regular First Class airmail when shipping small parts. For certain countries you may email us your request of shipping carrier (EMS or UPS for example) and we will notify you if there would be any additional fee (usually there is no additional cost to most countries other than what is listed on our shipping fee guide. Shipping Tracking: We will email you an online shipping tracking as soon as possible after we ship. We will also update your account with the tracking information as soon as possible. We may have some delay in updating your account with the shipping tracking. Please, note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for the online tracking to be updated by the courier. Shipping Fee: If we are going to invoice you or add a shipping fee, we would state that under each product’s description. Generally, unless indicated, most countries would be shipped free of charge or for certain countries with an added fee. Please, see the following shipping chart to find if your country would have any added shipping fee. Shipping on large size incubators may have a delay and shipping maybe only by sea. Any Added Shipping Fee to your Destination: Please, click here to find whether your order would have an added shipping fee based on the order’s final shipping country. Note that shipping fee is usually invoiced separately after the sale or email us after ordering, but before paying to add it to the order then you can proceed to pay. Shipping: We do our best to process your order and ship within 3 to 7 days. Once we ship, we will email you an online tracking. However, due to increase demands, at time orders maybe delayed. We would notify you as soon as possible of any anticipated delays. Out of Stock, manufacturing and released date and Sold out: We try to daily to update our stock data and add new ones. However, sometime an item you ordered is actually sold out already. If this occur to you, we will notify you as soon as possible and if we already processed your payment, we will refund you 100% the amount. Please, accept our sincerest apology for any inconvenient that may have caused you. Returned Products are assessed a Shipping Fee: If you fail to receive your order or refuse to receive it after it is shipped, then you agree to pay all our shipping fees even if we shipped you “free” or at a discount shipping rates. To most countries we ship our rcom incubators, brooders and related products for free or at a discount to the customer (please click here to read more). However, returned orders will forfeit any free shipping and must compensate us for the paid shipping cost. Shipping Fee is not actual: We may calculate our shipping and handling fee (for orders that are not covered by the free shipping fee that is usually stated under the product description.) as an approximate. If you after ordering parts find the shipping is higher than you would anticipate, you can email us to cancel the order or email us to find if adding more items would still ship without an added shipping fee. We try to save our customers in every way possible so we all can enjoy the rcom products. 
Payment processed by PayPal using any credit card or electronic bank account. Note, you do not need to be a member of our payment system. You can pay as a guest of PayPal. On PayPal payment final step, you can change the default currency to the one you prefer. For further questions, please, email us. 
Rcom Company?s Vision is to Manufacture the Best Eggs Incubators in the World Rcom Superb Technology Evolutionized the Digital Incubators
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